Helping Our Music Industry Evolve - The HOMIE Podcast
Logan Crowell Rating 5 (7) Launched: Sep 25, 2023 Share

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    Welcome to the HOMIE Podcast, where the future of the music industry unfolds. Hosted by HOME Founder, Logan Crowell, this show is your compass in the ever-evolving realm of music.

    HOME - Helping Our Music Evolve, isn't just a name; it's a mission. We're rewriting the music industry playbook, and The HOMIE Podcast is your backstage pass to this revolution.

    Join Logan as he sits down with the brightest minds shaping the music landscape. From trailblazing artists and visionary producers to tech aficionados and innovative industry leaders, we're sharing the strategies, mindsets, and technologies propelling music into uncharted territories.

    Discover how AI is transforming music production, unravel the secrets of successful branding, and gain insights into the creator economy's explosive rise. Whether you're a musician, marketer, or simply a music enthusiast navigating this dynamic industry, The HOMIE Podcast equips you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to thrive.

    Tune in to explore the intersection of artistry and entrepreneurship, and unlock the strategies that are Helping Our Music Industry Evolve. Subscribe now, and let's reshape the future of music together.